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Colorman XXL- 578 mm

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Machine Description

Colorman XXL- 578 mm, Cut off 578mm Triple web width.
Speed 45000 Collect – 90000 Straight Mode.
48 Page Newspaper.
Cut off 578mm (22.75”).
Triple web width 2160mm (85″).
Each of the folders are three formers, so you will get three section form each folder.
1. The machine will provide 48 Page Full color in three sections off each folder in collect = 2 x 48 page Broadsheet Full color.
2.  24 Page Full color in three sections off each folder in straight mode = 2 x 24 page Broadsheet Full color.
3. will provide 48 Page Full color in three sections off one folder in straight mode = 1 x 48 page Broadsheet Full color.

Automatic paper reel Transport System AUROload 2.1.
Manroland Automatic Pasters Type CD15 XXL. 4 unid.
4 – Manroland Infeeds.
Automatic Webbing-Up Devices, 4 unid.
Web Leading and Web Monitoring System Type TECOSYS.
Roller and Turbo Handling Equipment.
4 – Manroland Colorman XXL Eight Couple Printing Towers in 9 – Cylinder
IROLOC Automatic Roller Lock-Up System.
Technotrans Rotoclean Automatic Blanket and Satallite Cylinder Washing System, Rotoclean Central Supply Sucking System for Blanket, Satellite and Ink Roller Washing System.
Technotrans Beta F. Refrigerated Dampening Circulation System.
Ink Pump System for Mono and Process Colours.

Manroland Folder Superstructures 2 und, each one forms level (3 Former Wide).
2 – Tolerans Speedliner Movable Ribbon Stitchers.
Upper Folder Cassettes 2 unid (one between each Folder
Superstructure and Folder).
4 – Manroland Cut-Con C Automatic Cut Off Register System.
2- Manroland Jaw Folders Type KFZ 2:5:5
Baumuller Drive System
PECOM Press Control.
PECOM Production Manager with 3 Control Desks.
Auxiliary Press Equipment Including:
1 – Set of Manroland guarding equipment , one for upper and one for lower H Type printing unit
1 – Manroland gallery equipment.
Manroland Press lighting for the total press.
Gallery lighting.
Manroland Blanket Bender.
Technoweb. Rotativas.


Colorman XXL

corte 578 mm

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