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Kba Comet- 598,5 mm

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    Machine Description

    KBA COMET (Shaft-less) CUTOFF 598.5MM 

    32 pages Broadsheet full color.

    64 pages Tabloid full color.
    Age 2001 (Completely Refurbished 2011 by KBA).
    Max web width 914mm.
    Cylinder Circumference 1.197mm.
    Cut-off  598.5mm.
    Production speed  32.500 rev./h. (70.000 cop/h).
    4 x KBA Pastostar RC Automatic splicer (Dia. 1.270mm).
    4 x 4-High (H-Type) printing Towers.
    Oxy Dry Spray bar dampening.
    Elettra blanket wash-up system.
    2 x E.A.E. Ink remote control console.
    1 x Main control console.
    Color register system.
    Cut-off register system.
    1 x KBA KF3 SC folder with Broadsheet, Tabloid  and Quarter fold
    1 x Wamac Puc 300 Pick up unit (150m. Wamac PCC 903 chain)
    2 x  Wamac TS 900 stacker
    2 x Wamac PWA 5000 Plastic wrapper