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Harris M600 4 unit 578 mm

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HARRIS M600 4 Unit 578 mm


Installed 2002 por technoweb rotativas

Cut-off length 577.85 mm Maximum transfer area 568 x 960 mm Maximum web width 965 mm

1 CONTIWEB horizontal splicer CS10.5-1020 shaftless with integrated infeed and manual reel track system for one web

1 CONTIWEB Unpack Station for one web

4 GOSS Blanket to blanket printing units

1 Transformer

1 TECHNOTRANS ink leveler system Variofill CP model for 4 units

1 TECHNOTRANS Delta.C 600 combination unit for dampening solution cooling and ink roller temperature control for 4 units (55.000 iph)

1 Baldwin blanket wash system.


1 GOSS patented active web catcher

1 CONTIWEB dryer ECOWEB Plus 89-1020 for one web

1 CONTIWEB Propane gas instead of natural gas for one web

1 GOSS chill roll section for one web (1) GOSS web guide for one web

1 Paper lead assembly with angle bars for one web

1 GOSS Multiple combination folder model JF-55™ for one web

1 Double parallel and delta fold cylinder


1 QTI automatic color register control system RGS IV for one web 4/4

1 QTI longitudinal cut-off control PPC3000X for one web or two ribbons for one folder

1 GOSS silicone applicator

1 Silicone tank

1 BALDWIN GRAFOTEC Microset 497 spine softening and simultaneous intermittent gluing system

1 Main press drive for 4 units

1 Tool trolley

1 HEIDELBERG fully digital main control managed by one CPTRONIC®

1 Console for wire connection and dryer

1 CPTRONIC® folder console

1 Additional small empty console for auxiliary equipment

(1 Set of two GOSS Omnicolor Color Control consoles

Harris M600 578 mm

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    Harris M600 578 mm